Verona Lain Fine Art Wedding Photography

We are Jana and Dmitry, the family and team behind Verona Lain Photography.
We love to call our photography organic because we love capturing life as it is – for us true human emotions and natural light are two biggest sources of insight.

It all started several years ago when we decided to leave our home country Latvia and move to London – a city where every corner breathes history and inspiration. In the very beginning photography was just a hobby for both of us. As a result it grew up into a real passion neither of us now can live without.

Wherever we go we capture true stories – hilarious, dreamy, nostalgic and maybe even sad, but never stiff and awkward. That’s why having in a bag a 35mm camera loaded with a roll of film in became a good kind of habit. Yes, we capture our stories using old analogue cameras. It’s not about gear of course, but we do believe that film makes pictures look and feel special.

It’s always a pleasure to photograph a wedding day, bridal boudoir or any other story. We don’t limit ourselves and love shooting look books, branding editorials and other lifestyle sessions. Our aim is to capture your story in a timeless frame – a memory you will always treasure. Would you like to share it with us? Get in touch, and together we will find how to tell it in the very natural way.

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