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Well, it’s actually true that no matter how long you may live in London there is always going to be something else to discover in this city. Some London’s treasures though are not quite hidden and you don’t need to dig that deep to get a new portion of inspiration. We don’t know how that happened, but after nearly six years living in London we never been to Kew Gardens (you can laugh, but yes, we felt quite guilty about it). Eventually, tired of waiting we picked the date. The date of our wedding anniversary. Of course, we brought our film cameras, so here is our little visual story of what we have seen on that day.


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When Lou from Beyond Vintage invited us to take part in the shoot we knew it would be something awesome. We really loved the concept and the mood board for the project. It was something we wanted to be a part of for a while. We decided to capture the shoot on Kodak Portra 400 using our beloved Pentax 645n camera. Medium format film gives amazing tones and one of a kind natural look.

This was our first time we attended a styled shoot as photographers only without getting involved in styling and planning. Gwenda from Bohotanical Floral Design did a great work on putting all together. As the result, we spent all day in a beautiful place called Greyfriars House near Guildford with a team of wedding industry creatives and enjoyed every single minute of it.

verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-1 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-2 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-3 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-4 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-5 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-6 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-7 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-8 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-9 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-10 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-11 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-12 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-13 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-14 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-15 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-16 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-17 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-18 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-19 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-20 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-21 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-22 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-23 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-24 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-25 verona-lain-fine-art-wedding-photography-london-26

See more over on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings blog.

Camera: Pentax 645n | Film: Kodak Portra 400 | Photography: Dmitry Serostanov and Jana Avotina, Verona Lain Photography | Venue: Greyfriars House – A Mansion in the Surrey Hills | Flowers and shoot organiser: Bohotanical Floral Design | Props/Table, Styling/Stationery: Beyond Vintage | Dress/es: Faith Caton | Shoes: Marsha Hall Handmade Shoes | Hair Accessories: Donna Crain Surrey | Hair & Make-Up: Liz Patey Hair & Make-up Design | Cake: Vintage Rose Cupcakes | Model: Verity Emanuelle Anderson


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Traditional Russian recipe for an apple pie called Sharlotka on our blog today. The key secret of this yummy pie is apple sort called Antonovka as they give a special sour taste to the sweet dough. Unfortunately, we can’t get these apples in the UK so we use Pink Lady instead.


1 cup of sugar
3 big eggs (4 small or more)
1 cup of flour (I’ve used whole meal but plain will work as well)
3 big apples (4 small)
1 ts baking soda (I didn’t use it)
Cinnamon (optional)


Preheat the oven to 200C
Beat eggs, soda (if you’re adding it) and sugar



Add flour gradually. The dough must be liquid as sour cream

Peel, core and dice the apples

Grease the baking form with butter and lay all apples on the bottom. Powder all apples with cinnamon (optional)

Pour mixture on the apples

Bake for 20-30 minutes at 180°C, until the pastry is browned

Enjoy it with a cup of tea / coffee or a glass of milk



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Born and raised next to the Baltic sea we always underestimated how lucky we were. Living 15 minutes of drive from the sea is a luxury not everyone has. Only after moving to busy London we realised how important it was for us to have an opportunity to spend a day on the beach enjoying sound of waves, screams of seagulls and having this incredible feeling of wind playing with your hair. These days we are trying to use every possible moment to escape form the big city and visit the seaside.

Black rocks sticking out of the green water, grey clouds slowly moving above your head – an unknown artist created this place, came up with a perfect palette which makes you keep looking at this endless landscape. We could watch all day long how the colour changes throughout the day, depending on the light. From a pale blue grey to a luminous green with various shades of pink, purple and red as the sun fades.

verona-lain-lulworth-durdle-door-1verona-lain-lulworth-durdle-door-2 verona-lain-lulworth-durdle-door-3 verona-lain-lulworth-durdle-door-4 verona-lain-lulworth-durdle-door-5 verona-lain-lulworth-durdle-door-6 verona-lain-lulworth-durdle-door-7 verona-lain-lulworth-durdle-door-8 verona-lain-lulworth-durdle-door-9 verona-lain-lulworth-durdle-door-10 verona-lain-lulworth-durdle-door-11 verona-lain-lulworth-durdle-door-12 verona-lain-lulworth-durdle-door-13


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We have been shooting this bridal editorial on a Jurassic Coast in Dorset (UK). For a long time we wanted to do a shoot that would be inspired by travelling and the power of the sea. To our surprise on the day of the shoot the sea was very calm and welcoming. Overall nice weather and warm sun (not very typical for that time of the year in UK) contributed to our project and added a slight romantic feeling to our shoot.

verona-lain-seaside-wedding-dorset-uk-01 verona-lain-seaside-wedding-dorset-uk-02 verona-lain-seaside-wedding-dorset-uk-03 verona-lain-seaside-wedding-dorset-uk-04 verona-lain-seaside-wedding-dorset-uk-05 verona-lain-seaside-wedding-dorset-uk-06 verona-lain-seaside-wedding-dorset-uk-07 verona-lain-seaside-wedding-dorset-uk-08 verona-lain-seaside-wedding-dorset-uk-09 verona-lain-seaside-wedding-dorset-uk-010 verona-lain-seaside-wedding-dorset-uk-011 verona-lain-seaside-wedding-dorset-uk-012 verona-lain-seaside-wedding-dorset-uk-013

Photography: Dmitry Serostanov for Verona Lain Photography | Stylist/Planner: Jana Avotina for Verona Lain Photography | Luna Gown: SIBO Designs | Style 405 Metallic Lace Veil: SIBO Designs | Aria Crown and 2 rows of fresh water pearls headband: Naturae Design | Make-up & Hairstyling: Patricia Soper | Floristry: Garden & Wild | Model: Harriet Charli | Film Lab: UK Film Lab


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Being a creative, it’s always tempting to capture simple but appealing elements of everyday life. Especially we regularly have some amazing props and flowers from the previous shoots. A couple of weeks ago we decided to spent our day photographing this beautiful grey cotton table runner provided by Kate Cullen and dry wedding bouquet by Vanessa Birley Florals. Here are some of our favourite photos from that day.

lifestyle-brand-editorial-kate-cullen-1 lifestyle-brand-editorial-kate-cullen-2 lifestyle-brand-editorial-kate-cullen-3 lifestyle-brand-editorial-kate-cullen-4 lifestyle-brand-editorial-kate-cullen-5

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